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The Casino and Women's Pavilion

The Casino looms ahead.

As we approach the Casino, we read from the booklet:

(H) The Famous Casino

The Casino, standing on an elevation commanding a full view of the beautiful surroundings and in close proximity to the Music-Pavilion, is the objective point of thousands of visitors, who know and appreciate the superior quality of the restaurant service provided. On its spacious porches there are ample accommodations for 500 people, but on occasions when the crowd exceeds that number the additional demands are met by using the large rotunda. There are, besides the Casino, two well- equipped light lunch cafes, one in the upper part of the Park where amusements are located and one in the lower part, overlooking the lake. There is also the The Soda-Fountain.

Casino and Restaurant

The most imposing and beautiful edifice on the ground is the Casino. Surrounded by broad piazzas and containing cozy waiting rooms and a first class restaurant...is an objective point that thousands will wend their way to...There is no doubt but what the excellent cuisine of the Casino and the delightful music of the orchestra will form a strong combination this summer. (from the 1897 booklet)

The dress code expected at the park was very different from that accepted in todays parks. Long sleeves, Long pants, Long dresses, even coats were worn, even on the hotest of days. The role of the woman (women were not yet permitted to vote) was different. There was, in the center of the park:

(S) Ladies’ Building

The Ladies’ Building is ... set apart for the exclusive use and convenience of women. Cozy chairs are provided in a sitting-room, and in smaller rooms are couches which are at the service of those desiring rest.

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