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A Walk in the Grove
The Road to the Midway

We turn from the Casino and Ladies' Building and head toward the Upper Midway. Along the way we run into the ferris wheel. We read from the booklet:

(I) The Ferris Wheel
The Ferris Wheel, with its myriad of brilliant lights, artistically arranged, presents a most beautiful sight. A ride on a Ferris Wheel is always pleasing, but more especially so at Willow Grove, where it affords such a magnificent view of the Park and its beautiful environments.

[While there are some well-known post cards which picture this ride, financial records show that this original ride only existed for one year (1906)]

Continuing past the ferris wheel, we stumble upon the Rustic Pavilion, just off the Midway. We read from the booklet:

(J) The Rustic Pavilion
The Rustic Pavilion is located in the upper part of the Park, on the Midway. It is a well-equipped light lunch cafe, especially adapted for quick service.

Just ahead, we come to the top of the Midway. Here we encounter the Scenic Railway. The booklet says:

(L) Scenic Railway
The Scenic Railway, with its large comfortable cars, affords a most delightful and picturesque ride. Speeding among the tree-tops of a dense grove proves very fascinating, and thousands of people enjoy this ride daily.

Continuing on, we come upon one of the Park's oldest rides, the Carrousel. We read from the booklet:

(M) Colossal Merry-Go-Round
To the delightful orchestral accompaniment of the latest and most popular airs the colossal Merry-Go-Round at WGP will revolve this summer, bearing on its broad diameter of one hundred feet a happy throng of men, women and children, the platform is constructed with an extra inward pitch. A further consideration for the little ones is the fact they will be charged only three cents instead of the usual five-cent rate.

We have reached the top of the Midway. The sights and sounds of some of the Park's most famous and popular attractions await.

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