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Candyland and Ye Olde Mill

The Midway looms ahead, and the crowds are thick. Unlike the sounds of nature in “natural area”, and the classical sounds from the “Music Pavillion”, the Midway has its own kind of sounds and excitement. We stroll through the area and enjoy the “state-of-the-art” rides.

The first attraction we encounter is the popular Candyland. The booklet points out:

(N) Candyland,
the Children’s rendezvous on the upper Midway is a candy kitchen on a large scale. Here may be seen men and machinery at work.... the best known specialty being the famous Honey Pop-Corn Crisps.

After Candyland we come across Ye Olde Mill, the "Small World" of its day. We read from the booklet.

(O)Ye Olde Mill, built in 1904, reconstructed in 1905.
From beside the splashing wheel the boat starts its journey through a veritable dreamland. The first view encountered is the popular Philadelphia street scene. Then Port Arthur as the boat glides up to the scene there is unfolded to the voyager an accurate reproduction of the citadel round which the great Russo-Japanese war raged for months. Every detail of the “Gibraltar of the East” is brought out with marvelous accuracy, both by land sea.
Moving toward the town in battle order, as though in real life, long lines of Japanese troops are to be plainly seen. Across the harbor entrance Russian and Japanese battleships are seen maneuvering.
From the horrid war to beautiful Fairyland is a matter of merely another turn in the canal. Fairyland is a beautiful picture, with scores of dainty and graceful fairies.
Next is the “Land of the Midnight Sun” where the traveler is given a glimpse of the Great North with its icebergs and polar bears.

Back to civilization again, the voyager comes suddenly on Twenty-third and Broadway, in the very heart of busy New York, with all its bustling activity. It is a typical daily life picture of New York.
The next scene, and the visitor beholds a country circus parade. The animal cages go by, with their lions, tigers and hyenas, and elephants and camels trudge on as in real life.
A quaint pastoral scene is next presented, representing a wedding in the olden times, the details as to dress and ceremony are accurate.
Then to the World’s Fair at St. Louis the next and succeeding bends in canal take the passenger. Festival Hall and the Central Cascades, the crowning feature of the Terrace of the States at the great exposition stand out prominently, and with the brilliant electrical effects introduced give an accurate idea of this architectural decoration.

(This ride precedes similar rides designed by the Disney corporation by half a century)

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