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The Mountain Scenic Railway

A brief look back in time reveals that the site of the Mountain Scenic Railway was previously occupied by another ride when the park opened in 1896. Let's take a quick look at Shoot the Chutes, an early version of the now popular Log Flume.

This is the highest chute so far constructed. It is one of the latest pattern - the elevators, boats and everything connected with it are of a character combining absolute safety with what appears at first sight to be the most hazardous form of enjoyment that man has invented. The lake in front of it, into which the boat-cars descend with a merry splash, is but four feet in depth. This constitutes an element of safety that in itself is a guarantee of absolute protection. Little children and women can participate in the exciting pastime without one particle of danger.

Our trek backwards in time brings us to the top of the Chutes - on the left is the second Carousel. Ahead in the distance looms the smokestack of the power plant and immediately in front in the splash pool.

Our daydream of days past is ends with the screams of delight of the riders of the Mountain Scenic. A glance at the booklet details this fascinating ride.

(V) The Mountain Scenic Railway
The merry peals of laughter and screams of delight which greet visitors as they enter the Park arise from the throngs who are riding the Mountain Scenic Railway, one of the Park’s latest and greatest attractions. This is one of the largest and finest scenic railways in the world; it is a great, large and beautiful structure, suggestion all that one finds pleasing in the mountains.
Entering the Pavilion at the base of the Mountain, we find awaiting us comfortable cars in charge of an experienced gripman. We are seated and the ride begins. Drawn up the mountain side by a circuitous rout we finally reach the top and pause a moment to admire the marvelously beautiful birds-eye view of the Park and surrounding country. After passing the crest the train hesitates a moment and then dashes downward towards the valley below. Faster and faster, with ever increasing speed it flies, until, after reaching the bottom it is carried by its own momentum up the opposite hill. Then another dash downward; On! on! faster and faster if flies. Up and down, down and up, over hill and dale.

Shouts of laughter, shrieks and screams of pure delight come from the happy passengers who are now enjoying all the fascinating sensations of fast motion. the merriment and excitement runs higher and each moment until finally the famous grottoes are reached. Entering these the train slowly winds its sinuous course through dimly lighted tunnels and on past realistic scenes, depicting in a most vivid manner the grandest and most inspiring sights in nature. Once more the train reaches the open air and then starts another trip around the mountain. Across roaring torrents, past huge rocky crags, down again over the billowy hills and dales; more climbs, more dashes downward, and so on until miles of pleasure have been passed in absolute safety.

Let's board the canopied cars and take a ride on this impressive amusement.

As we ascend to the top of the spire, we look out over the vast Midway we have just passed through.

Coming down off the spire we head towards the rear of the ride. Looking over the side we can see the remnants of the Shoot the Chutes splash pool, still holding water beside the railway.

The ride ends and we disembark. As we head away from this most impressive of rides, we take a look back.

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