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Sir Hiram Maxim Flying Machine

..the booklet continues to explain that “safety is the paramount feature of the ride.” ... the extent of the circle traversed by the ship is such as to do away with the slightest inclination toward dizziness. In fact, the effect on the passenger is the same as though the trip were “straight-away”. There is an utter absence of swinging sensation.
...recommended not only for its entire novelty but also for healthfulness. Exhaustive tests have showed that the swift ride through air results in decided lowering of temperature of passengers... It promises to be one of the unique scenic features of Willow Grove.

As we continue back towards the Music Pavilion, we take a quick look back at the Flying Machine.

(X) Sir Hiram Maxim Captive Flying-Machine
Willow Grove Park will introduce for the season of 1905 the Sir Hiram Maxim Captive Flying-Machine, and the patrons will be accorded the privilege of the first opportunity in America to indulge in the delights of this newest and most notable product of the genius of the “Edison of England” - Sir Hiram Maxim, inventor of the Maxim gun and other celebrated mechanical achievements. The first of these “flying machines” was erected at Earl’s Court, London, only last May. It attracted wide attention, not only by the reason of the fame of its inventor, but also because of its novel character as an amusement enterprise. So pronounced was its immediate success that another machine was put up at the Crystal Palace, London, later in the summer, and it made as great a sensation as the first.
Briefly described, the Flying-Machine consists of a central structure, 100 feet high, with ten great extending arms from which are suspended ten “airships” in which the passengers take their novel flight. When all are comfortably settled in the luxuriously fitted ships, the huge arms begin to revolve and the ships move off in widening circles. Under full headway the ships travel more than 600 feet at each revolution, and their own momentum are carried high into the air at the ends of their steel cables.

A corps of uniformed guards, courteous and obliging, are maintained, whose services are rarely required except to direct visitors to the numerous places of interest. No intoxicants are dispensed or permitted anywhere within the limits of the Park; this is a feature that should commend itself especially to Sunday-schools and church organizations seeking an ideal place for an outing.

Passing the Administration building we come to the impressive Sir Hiram Maxim Flying Machine, otherwise known as the Airships. We read from the booklet:

(W) The Administration (Building)
The building is a very pretty structure of brick and stone, fashioned after the colonial style of architecture. Here may be seen neatly framed portraits of the conductors of the famous bands and orchestras that have been played at WGPark; also views of the Park and of special events. One of the most commendable features of the Park is the presence of a physician, whose services are at all times at the command of the patrons gratuitously.

As we head toward the towering Flying Machine, we pass the Administration Building. We read from the booklet:

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